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What is Rake?

Red Star Poker Rakeback FAQ

The rake is a certain percentage of money that a poker room takes out of every pot in order to make money. While this is a necessary for the poker site to continue operating; it means that you could be a winning player, but actually losing money in the long run because of the rake. Don’t worry though, there is where rakeback comes to the rescue for high volume players.

What is Rakeback?

Rakeback is a certain percentage of the rake that you get back for signing up through an affiliate (someone that advertises for the poker site). This means when you sign up for Red Star Poker Rakeback, you will get paid 36% of whatever the poker room took in rake sent back to your account. This totals up to be a lot of money, just check out our rakeback calculator on the right to see how much you can earn.

Why should I sign up for Rakeback?

This is a really simple answer because there are no negatives to signing up. Rakeback is free and takes nothing away from you. Red Star Poker is allowing certain affiliates to promote rakeback to reward the players for playing on their site.

How much can I make with Rakeback?

This depends on a lot of factors such as the limits you play and how many hands you play everyday. We have developed a calculator that will tell you on average how much you will get paid with your rakeback earnings. Just look on the right side of the screen to use the calculator. Tell it what limits you normally play, the rakeback % you will earn (this is 36% at Red Star Poker) and how many hands you play every day. A good figure to estimate the number of hands you play is Number of Hours Played * Number of Tables Played * 80. So if you play 5 hours at 4 tables you will play about 1600 hands.

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When do I get paid my Rakeback?

Red Star Poker has automated all of their rakeback payments. They will track how much rake you build up and pay you 36% rakeback once a week. These payments get directly deposited into your poker account normally on Thursdays. You can play with the money or cash it out immediately.

How can I see how much Rakeback I am going to be paid?

Red Star Poker has automated this for you as well. You click on the ‘Cashier’ tab in the poker software and then there will be a VIP status button. You can click that and it will tally the rake you have paid and any possible deductions you might have.

What if I have a questions about something not in this Rakeback FAQ?

I would read over the Red Star Poker review page to answer any questions related to the poker room itself. If you are having problems signing up for rakeback you can open a support ticket at this page. If you have any other questions then you can send me an e-mail on the contact us page.

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