Red Star Poker Review

Red Star Poker logoRed Star Poker is a skin on the Cake Poker network. This means that you will be at the tables with people from Red Star Poker, Cake Poker, and other skins on the Cake network. Traditionally, Red Star Poker has been known for having loose and wild players that are willing to gamble. This makes the games a bit crazy sometimes, but provides a great opportunity to build a bankroll along with the 36% rakeback and $1500 deposit bonus.

Red Star Poker reopened to US players in 2011!

I personally played at Red Star Poker for over a year of my poker career. I truly loved playing there, but since I am a United States player – I had to stop for a while. There have been a ton of upgrades to the software since I played there, but if you are interested in learning how to beat the micro stakes games and checking out the Red Star Poker software visit – there you can do a search for videos at Red Star Poker or some more recent ones at Cake Poker. I’m the main coach Trikkur on there and as you can see, I was a regular at the 400NL+ games and made a lot of money during my time there.

The Red Star Poker portal is owned by RSP Entertainment N.V.. They are licensed and incorporated in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Their licensing & hosting provider is Cyberluck, which has been providing eGaming licenses  since 1996.

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Red Star Poker Bonus

The current 250% up to $1000 deposit bonus that Red Star is offering is much larger than it was in the past. You will unlock $0.06 in bonus for each Frequent Player Point you earn. Every $5 increment you clear will be paid into your account immediately for access. You only have 3 months to clear your total bonus, so don’t worry about maxing it out. Just deposit $100-500 and earn your 250% bonus and then as you unlock it – you will also be paid your Red Star Poker rakeback.

Red Star Poker Reload Bonuses

If you end up liking the room there are reload bonuses going on so frequently that you can earn more bonus dollars every few months. Currently there is a 200% reload bonus up to a $1000 if non-1st-time depositors use the deposit code ‘RLD1000’ – but you should keep checking the Red Star Poker promotions page for up to date info about the reload bonuses.

Red Star Poker Software

I personally love the software at Red Star and the Cake network. It used to be a bit slow, but with the 2.0 software updates; it has been streamlined considerably. I would normally only play 4-6 tables, but I had friends that could regularly play 20+ tables at once and he had no problems with the software.

I really enjoy the auto-rebuy features since they added them. You have the standard notes and coloring system, which was always sufficient for me to sort the regulars from the fish and note a few of their bad habits. The lobby is set up in a straightforward fashion and it’s not as confusing as some of the other rooms I’ve played at such as the Merge network. You also have quick access to your pending bonus and rakeback earnings in the Cashier section which is a great help. Honestly after you sign up for rakeback, you will never need to return to this website again. Red Star Poker updates the information almost instantly and pays the rakeback automatically on Thursdays.

Red Star Poker Traffic

Red Star Poker has always been slightly lacking on traffic especially at the 400NL+ games. The good news is: if you are going to be playing the micro stakes games up to $200NL you will be able to find plenty of tables. There are normally between 4-8 tables running, but it really depends on their peak hours and your time zone. The tournament and SNG traffic has been pretty bad though these last few months. I would focus primarily on the cash games if you want to make the most profit and find good tables.

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Red Star Poker Support

I only ever contacted support two times during my 18 months of play at Red Star. The first time I sent an e-mail and got a response by the next day, which was acceptable to me. The second time I used their live chat because I was having some withdraw issues. It took him a bit, but in the end we got the problem solved so I couldn’t really ask for much more.

Red Star Poker Deposit and Withdraw

This is the biggest issue facing online poker right now. Since Red Star Poker no longer accepts US players, they aren’t facing the same issues though. You are able to deposit or withdraw with the following options: Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, Neteller, Moneybookers, ukash, and qiwi. While it’s not listed on their website, I’m pretty sure you can arrange a bank wire transfer if you need to move a few thousand or more.

Red Star Poker Conclusion

Thanks for reading my Red Star Poker review and I just want to summarize my main points. I loved playing on Red Star Poker during my online-pro career and made a lot of money there. I personally recommended that most of my friends should play there and at one time bankrolled my friend to start playing there. I posted a ton of my own poker videos so the members of my poker training site could check it out and also play there. I’ve always believed Red Star Poker is a great place for poker players and now they have added even more reasons to sign up. With the increased $1500 deposit bonus and 36% automatic rakeback payments combined with special promotions like the rake races and rake chases – I think it’s an easy decision to keep recommending Red Star Poker.

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